• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 05


This cornucopia, this abundance,
here in this land of plenty—
It is a blessing to be born here
slurping up from a bottomless pit
coupled with an unending feast of luxuries

Here the room holds in its lap
this unmissable luxury for your barren eyes to feast
Lying bereft in this room,
where time stands still and waits for someone
to get a taste of this gluttony
to be a faithful sinner for one of their deadly sins.

Oh! where the loyal feasters have gone, their loud exuberance
bouncing back from the decorated empty halls
These halls, now seeking the long-forgotten taste of the company
chaos fulminating from the sepia-tinged walls

Where  the myriad selection of meat, cheese, fruits, and whatnot
wait for the slobbering tongues and hungry eyes
to feast once again on its beauty
Till they slurp all in and wait deviously
for the cycle of gluttony to start again



As the blinding silence bounces off the walls and windows,
waiting for the mute spectators
with hungry hearts and empty souls
to start devouring again
writing their epitaph etched in the tomb of time.