• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 09
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Glossary for Aulis

as in: wrap up your troubles
as in: dress uniform (for girls)

as in: drag you to the altar
as in: what is the difference
    marriage or sacrifice

as in: mask your true feelings
as in: the belle the ball the masque
    -rade the dance the dance of
    this life this // stop for // easeful

as in: mesh your teeth & wail, mother
as in: grief is a five-stage process denial
    anger // depression // bargaining // acceptance
    no it can't be must be six    first
    someone has to die

as in: sheer effrontery
as in: off the edge of the I leap
    the as in drop of cliff
    where the earth falls
    away has fallen away eaten
    away by the wine dark sea