• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 04


How long can she pose for the camera
in that position? The blood runs
into my head just thinking about it.

Sometimes the blood runs up,
sometimes the blood runs down.

Prior to the vasectomy
the doctor advised me:
"Seems like all the wrong
people are having children..."

The world's turned upside down--
but that's a cliche I won't use.
Didn't we once have Original Sin
as an excuse? But we made
a cliche of that, too.

This girl who so complacently stands
not on her head exactly, more on its side
so she can gaze contemplatively at us
through the photographic lens--
the lotus gracing her hair blossoming
onto the screen behind her, into the wildflowers
of a mysterious, vanishing landscape---
this girl sees the world...how?
At a right angle, perhaps--
not exactly upside down,
but close enough to remind us
of a vasectomy and Original Sin.



Meanwhile the blood continues to circulate,
sometimes up and sometimes down--
and the Heart is where it passes through,
not to stay, but to return and pass away.