• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 01

Giants in the Sky

There are giants floating in the sky.
Ships have sailed away from pea-soup seas,
fleeing shrinking coasts and killer bees.
They sold their stocks and waved goodbye.

They trail grappling hooks above the ground
that snag albatross wings and pelican beaks.
Bloated, bursting galleons, upward bound,
rudderless and brazen, over fire-singed trees.

Up and away, billowed on the toxic plume
from ravenous, flatulent greed, they glide.
Look out! They bluster as they barge ahead.
Get out of our way. Move it aside.
Or you’re dead. These skies belong to us.
Prepare to meet your doom.

For, no one in this life deserves a free ride.
A limited number of tickets are sold.
So, like Icarus, feet over head
one by one, tossed over the side
all stowaways fall. To lighten the load.

Above the riffraff, it’s them or us
among the world of cumulonimbus.