• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 08

A Ghazal on The Shrunken Mermaid

I thought she was a mermaid; yes, I said,
To her, “You were a flesh and blood mermaid”.

She held my hand, “See, isn’t it soft to touch?”
You had long hair, such a curvy mermaid!

She rubbed my fingers on her arms, “Aren’t they smooth?”
“Am I fat?” she asked, and then, “I’m your mermaid!”

She ate loads of fish; I called her my mermaid, my fish,
I met her, came back, and wrote songs on the mermaid.

There were gaps, silences, untold, unexplained between us,
Sometimes, I sensed there was a shrinking of the mermaid.

The last time, she met me; she cleaned out the relationship,
I still said to her, “You are a flesh and blood mermaid.”

Wondered Roomy, why think she fooled you, or worry about it,
The times are such; true beauty is merely a shrunken mermaid!