• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 08
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Generation Transmutation

We are reversing forwards on to the next platform
Where our trains and more devolved brains will go sideways
Faster than the ones that came after, into the future
Tunnel of our minds
We have distorted our hair and our spines
So they are more contorted than in other times
The darkness makes us shine so bright, we have to wear sunglasses
Especially at night
To protect us, from our own glow
So that we can see where to go
In the green air that we breathe, that is denser than before
As our lungs mutated for a viral load that is more
Heavy than the weight bearing down on jelly
Shoulders, supported by frosted glass panes
Cooling the cultivation of our minds
And refracting the light into neon lines
That we can follow and find
With our abdomens thrusting towards
The only way onwards
Whilst bending backwards
Waiting for the journey to begin