• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 11
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the eternal battle between the I and the Eye
the fate busy wrapping shrouds around bodies
the destiny beckoning to endless unbeing

birds lost songs
crickets all muted
wind vanished
muffling voices in darkness
whispering away the secrets unknowable
loud enough to hear but indecipherable
like worm-eaten scribbles of an unidentified ancient tongue

the colours changing lighter on the way to fade
Eyes turning into solid dry fixed stones
the troops of tears stranded in the reckless stride
Insanity is bored and sanity indifferent

the words madly rocketing in the air like aimless badgers
or like accidentally discharged bullets
with no intention of killing

dreams scattered like the chicken feathers in the butcher's shop
The bloody knife and sweated brow and writhing carcass
The I always loses
And the Eye never wins...