• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 09
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Gandhari re-born

Reborn: Gandhari
What happens when the sighted volunteers
to be sightless---like the devoted Gandhari
of the epic Mahabharata?
The princess married to a blind king
deciding to remain in life-long gloom
as a queen and royal consort
by wearing a ribbon on eyes
as a gesture of love and solidarity
and downplaying the significance
of the eye as the source of cognition.

Framed by a hood of dark hair
enclosed by a coarse band
the frail frame in white
sensing the external and the objective
the phenomenal world with closed eyes

the subject here undergoing transformation
where outer is inky dark
but inner eye--- awakened
and all-seeing.

A bold choice!
To be restricted in vision
in order to plumb the riches within.
Entire physical binary reversed
To traverse and journey inside.