• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 01
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Frost Bitten

On a cold Sunday morning, I was to be at the airport at 6a.m., for a long flight to London. I had packed an entire week before I was to leave my hometown in Ohio. Being extremely excited, I couldn't sleep on the airplane. The flight attendants were very nice; not being in first class, it made me feel special. A young lady, whose name was Nicole, sat beside me and asked what I was going to London for? It was her first time as well and she seemed to be nervous. Being it was my first time as well, it wasn't much I could tell her. She asked had I looked at any YouTube videos to help me to decide what I wanted too see? Being an artist allows me to explore new things and being alone doesn't bother me. We changed the subject, I was glad because she didn't need to know why I was going to London, but I didn't want to be rude. After talking for 2 hours straight, I found myself sleeping. 5 hours later we land at Heathrow, it's freezing cold. I grab my suitcase and unzip it. No gloves! Nice was like, you're going to need gloves. A guy overheard us, and said they have stores in the airport. I thanked him and went to this store as soon as I walk, it's a whole wall full of gloves!!!! I'm so relieved! I buy the gloves and Nicole took this picture.