• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 11

from here

So what if I don't know enough
Immediately I think Muralists
I think difficult relationships
and self portraits
I think maybe that says too much about me
about what I don't know
about what I don't know to say about the really important stuff
the things people know not to say
the things people know to say because they mean other things
because then you know they're people who know
people who haven't been wasting their time
people who are at the heart of things
not out here looking in
But sometimes I do do things.
I come down out of here
and I do things
say hello
and return
but it's getting more difficult
to say hello
and what I do
and out here I do things things nobody sees
or some people see
but I'm not from out here either
I'm from over there
and the things I do out here from over there
and I am not