• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 08

From a Sad Mermaid

"You will be trapped in
unknown worlds"
That was the midnight curse
of the red eyed, marbled eye
cyclops-like wicked witch

Now, I'm enclosed
in walls of glass
All is visible to me
but nothing I can touch,
feel, enjoy

I'm half-fish, half human,
Science doesn't recognize me,
So it has captured me
with the aim to observe me-
my characteristics, my behavior
Then, to classify me
in some specific species

O scientific scholars!
To your world
I don't belong,
I come from the
mysticism of mythology
where brave and handsome
men like Odysseus and Aeneas
dwell with dignity


From a Sad Mermaid

O men of Science!
Why do you waste your
time studying me?
I'm no subject of research,
I'm bound to remain mysterious
in the depth of imagination

So, great men!
From your systematic laboratory,
please free me, liberate my misery
Let me return to my lovely sea,
Let me go to embrace
my harmonious family.