• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 12
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Frightening Glory

The days were bright and night was cool,
Dazzling sky in the night and sunshine in the noon.
Flowers and petals,
Trees and leaves,
Ready to swirl and play and wave,
I climbed on them and became so brave!

The green grass beneath
And that pretty lass in the corner
Devoured in sunbath
Mellowed with her book,
Snooped from the corner of her eye
Caught my eye sight and locked it there!
She knew then and there
About my mundane glare!
All she did was smile at me
And in an iffy, she heard my heart’s plea!

I moved around the city and enjoyed its sight
The hustle and the bustle gave me a fright!
The rattling sound of engine, the chattering of children
The voice of the vendor, and the music so loud
Exploring the routes full of crowd,
I reached my house and entered the room
From the narrow window, I savored the beautiful view!
Looking from a height so above,
It’s terrifying and thrilling to see things I love.


Frightening Glory

The mankind looks like a toy from here
Moving cars, walking beings, flying birds
A perfect sight, I completely endear!

But one fine day, when I enter the house
Devastation is the only thing that I found
Broken chairs, hammered rooms,
Destructing my dreams, gifting me wounds
Collapsed should I say,
Crumpled walls or crumpled voice,
It’s hard for me to figure it out!

Earthquake they say who did this to me
I’m responsible for it, is what my heart utters
You disturbed your mother,
You destroyed her, just to get an impeccable view from above!
You shattered her in ways you can’t think of,
It’s just a warning, she tends to give!
For you need to wake up from your fantasy,
And protect her like your child
Or else, there will be no glory
But only things full of spiflicated stories!