• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 06
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Friday Night in Hades

And, as Mum’s dropped by
with the spring seed catalogues,
we order takeout
from the Erinyes’ new place.
It’s a good service –
within twenty minutes
Tisiphone is landing
in the courtyard.
(Cerberus goes nuts
until his left head
spots a newly arrived cat,
down by the ferry).

I fish for plates and cutlery
while Pluto opens a bottle
of Dionysus Nouveau
and Mum slices bread.
Then we delve into the cartons
and settle in for the evening,
talking over events above and below;
Medusa’s new hairdo,
Hermes’ latest escapade
and what Hera will do
when she discovers the truth
about Zeus and Leda.

Mum finds the Fortune Talon
in her soup.