• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 07

Fresh empire

Every legend starts with a myth. Every
legend turns that myth into a map. But

not every legend trepans that map in, so it
becomes infused into every scale inch of them.

Should have known that when we saw
your eyes flecked with leopard spots.

Should have known that when you changed
your name to Humboldt, and got a sail

as your new choker, which would only
billow open when the destination was clear

and the adventure could not be put off any
longer. It’s not that we will not miss you.

It’s that we worry that the world will miss
you, and we don’t want to be reminded of

you by every jungle, volcano and river
named in your honour. Take this compass.

It will return the youth that never fitted you
like power, expanding frontiers now will.