• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 03


I've issued trigger warnings in syllabi,
in course descriptions, on the first day,
and on the day of the event.

No complaints, concerns, or questions
to my face; only back stabbings.
Now I'm cast as the Blatant Beast.

Here we are, pitted against each other again:
student and adjunct. I brought my own
equipment to this hastilude.

I'm paying to work at this point
I ask to proceed through the gates
and am charged with a couched lance.

I'm still paying for my degree,
only to be knocked down
in the lists.

No one offers the underclass a hand.
No one gives me a leg up.
Saddled with no support.

No reins to grasp.
I'd make more money selling popcorn
at the next sanctioned shaming event.