• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 03
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Afloat is the soul that finds peace where the heavy heart is free of its burdens,
like the palms that dance with the breeze, and the white sand that shimmers in the sun.

The sing-song voice of the soul now hums its own mantra, and the mind is laced not with light or darkness.

The Eyelids are shut yet all seeing.
White-washed are the walls of my consciousness.

Memories waving goodbyes tread with grace out of the seamless door at the very end of those walls. Grudges, spirit-like spiral up, their dark wisps disappearing.

The palms continue their dance in the wind, the colors of the world dimming in the trail of its twilight.

The humming voice is now silenced, asleep. The trees cease before they fade.

The world once color then white is now colorless. A breath in, a breath out.The bell-like chime of time stops. It is time to let go.