• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 10

Freedom is a State of Mind

I'm enclosed in this place
I feel safe in this space
There's life in cyber space
Never disconnected
We're interconnected 
But still I'm protected

Stay socially distant
Virtually persistent
Still me, still here – present
  Free to speak out – create
Document and narrate
Impart ideas and debate

Between four walls, boxed in
But freedom reigns within 
Comfort in my own skin 
I grow and adapt here 
Space and time make things clear
Embrace myself – self-care

Focus my energy 
On creativity 
Helping others I see
Struggling to survive
Willing them to revive 
Resilient, I strive 

For justice, equality 
For respect and dignity 
For love and humanity 


Freedom is a State of Mind

I document visually
And share creations daily
  Not physically – virtually 

In this space – my domain
My own Queendom, I reign
I work hard to attain
Alone, I think again
Erase historic pain 
Regenerate, retrain 

Freedom is a state of mind
  My spirit and soul aligned
So that while I'm quarantined 
I breathe, transform and arrive
Count my blessings I'm alive
Not only survive but thrive.