• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 05
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Freed Boy

There is a boy who stumbled in his own feet,
He cried because his knees hurt and bleed.
No one helped him so he was stuck there weeping,
Until he realized, he needs to stand up and begin fighting.

Life, indeed, has never become so easy.
For a little boy who only wants to play,
Explore everything, discover something crazy,
And worse, found himself somewhere astray.

When life gets harder and harder,
The more people concede and surrender.
Instead of seeking help with prayer,
We choose to give up and become a loser.

But I say, instead of giving up,
Why not go against it and stand up?
Just like the boy who chose to fight,
Might as well, you have to make it right.

People may see us weak because we cry,
We let our tears run down our faces and dry.
For some reasons it has become a sign of weakness,
But for me, it is a manifestation of true courageousness.

The boy lifts himself and his duck toy,
Spending every second under the sun, enjoy!
He chose to go on and so are we
Put out all the worries inside and be FREE.