• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 10

how not to freak out if you wake up invisible

start by trying not to scream: I don't
have to clean my fingernails anymore,
because, you still need to, because nothing
has changed, your brain is still inside
your cranium, although your heart might have slipped
through the ribcage, you never liked it rattling there anyway;
then, start the morning like you always have,
with water, and toothpaste although it will be difficult
to tell if you rinsed all the foam out
I'd suggest skipping the push-ups, who knows where your
heart then might fall off, but carry on with the newspaper,
it is important that you avoid stepping on dogs or their tails
because they still can see you. make friends with the cats
learn how they live like the air, learn not to make noise when you leave, so please, no honey I'm off. When you're invisible you will be under the impression that is there is more space,
when actually it simply comes down to seeing through
the wings of dragonflies. When you're invisible, it will be easy
to prison-break, to attend musicals, or to face your loved ones.
You can come back home late, and still show no signs of being
outdoors, of being anywhere. To make sure that you're still
there, still breathing, drown your head in water basin:
suffocate, catch your breath, hear the heart pound, but then, oval mirrors don't always tell the truth maybe, in the first place, you were never here, or there, you never were