• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 04

Fragrant Paradise

'Who is gone over there?' my granddaughter would ask
Peering into the laptop, our weekly rendezvous platz
Where we kissed and bade goodbyes
Across a three millimetre wall.

We hurrayed, wowed, played hide and seek
Sang twinkle-twinkle, Jack & Jill and
Read stories of bedtime,
Hugged the black cat, yellow hippo and brown bear,
The pandas, puppies, piggies gaining favor,
But alas it was on either sides,
'Can I take it out?' she would ask,
Each time 'It is in the laptop' we would sigh.

The game goes on even now
With growing list of stories and songs,
The world gets bigger every week, still I often dream
If the laptop could extend words and sight and
Take us through the inside to the other side,
Lift us like the butterflies from dreams of sound and sight
Into the land of real touch and fragrant paradise.