• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 05
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Fowl play

"See, here's what we'll do." whispered Giuseppe.

"Yeah, yeah...?" Pete's head bobbed eagerly in anticipation.

"Yeah, see them birds over there?" Giuseppe nodded in the direction of two large breasted beauties.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Pete's head bobbed so fiercely that he lost balance and skittered to the left a few steps.

"Jesus, Pete, have a little self respect."

"Yeah, yeah okay."


"Glenda?" Ariel prodded her briefly. "Where you at girl?"

"Huh? Oh, was just looking at those two cocks over there."

Ariel's head swung 180 degrees to clock the two cocks. The big one, dark as night, eying them up like a roast dinner. The other, small, jumpy, pale and pinched. "What about 'em?" she asked cautiously. Glenda had the worst taste in mates. Before she could answer, they sauntered over.

"What's up, ladies? I'm G, for Giuseppe, and this is P," Giuseppe nodded in the direction of his diminutive friend.

"For Pete! Not P as in pee." Pete piped.

"P as in P"... Ariel echoed. "uh huh. Got it What do you want?"

Giuseppe brushed passed her and gazed deeply into Glenda's eyes.

Ariel couldn't hear what he was saying to Glenda, but could see her gradually swaying from foot to foot, a glazed look in her eyes, a hint of smile turning to into a full-on grin. Finally, Glenda hopped toward her.

Pete jumped as Ariel shrieked, "We shall do no such thing!"

But a few moments later, after much ruffling, and scuffling, they did.