• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 12


to feel different, marked as foreign,
treated as alien, isolated,
made to be contained
in this jar of world
that would have us fit a mold,
stacked in the narrow contours
of what is accepted, always changing definitions,
swept into the mainstream,
down the crowded hallways
of conformity, indifference,
true feelings hidden behind masked faces.
pushed down the social ladder,
toes stepped on, titles gathered―
are these transient steps,
these wobbly towers
built on self-glory,
what matter?
we all are looking for home,
for the light that guides.
from what illuminates
my heart within,
I see the radiance of who you are,
searching, hoping, like me.
my inner compass
leads to here, to you,
reaching out to help and heal
the world, peace
we're building.



we're similar
because of the love that's inward,
blossomed out into the sun.
to find our footing, the balance we're seeking,
we take these steps―together.
this is the foundation
for the strongest shelter.