• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 05
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Forest of his Heart

I left the scintillating macrocosm
To enter his heart, my microcosm
All I got, ice and frost
A lugubrious welcome, a diabolic bleakness
But I travelled, my love, unsullied
Undulatory I crossed hostile icy ways
Only to meet the river, another phizog of his heart
A bellicose soul, once more determine to expedite
A fervent bliss ensued from my struggle
As I saw a lush forest afar
Finally, the journey ended
Journeys always end at home as
He warmly welcomed me in his heart, a warm fáilte
Into the lush green forest full of love
Camaraderie of lush pines, rustic mosses
Witnessing our vehement love
As the forest of his heart echoed with
Our serenading hearts
Maktub, raison d'être