• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 01

For Goodness Sake

What really annoys me about Twyla is that people think she’s funny. I mean, that time she sold all her stuff on Facebook, those merry little descriptions – not sure what this is but it’s so big, you could build a cabin with it – ridiculous. But someone bought it.

People will buy anything. Look at that painting, what do you call it? The Scream or something (I’d bloody scream if I had that on my wall) – a hundred and twenty-five million quid they paid for it.

This time, though, she’s gone too far. Dead peoples stuff for sale. No apostrophe, I see. I doubt whether she’d even know where to put one. And yet, people buy her stuff. They like her. Not sure about dead people, mind. But maybe they like her too – bloody woman.

And that O’s not straight.