• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 08

For Alex, On Your Birthday

I want you to come home for the summer.

I want to feel
Even if for a moment
Like we haven’t changed
And everything will be okay
I think I’ll be able to breathe again

Like the stars we hung in the sky
Aren't just planes
And I can hold your head up
With my own

Like we aren't the worst
Of what raised us
Or didn’t care to understand
Anything about us
Apart from how tall we’ve grown

I miss you in a way
That feels like an end
I reminisce about taking a dip
In your dreams
And letting hope soak into our aching bones
Sighing clouds in the sky
That look like the better us


For Alex, On Your Birthday

Like I'm not stuck here
And you there
Like driving 8 hours
Just to drive one more
As if to tell the world
You can't take me
If I take you first

Like telling them they don't own us anymore
And throwing popcorn
At the monsters under our beds

I wonder if you know how often I think of you
How I wish I could strap on a pair of angel wings
And wrap you in words
You want to hear

I want you to know
That no god could keep me away from you
But loneliness can

And if today I feel like
I can hold up my head up
That will never mean I don't need yours