• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 07

Fool’s Gold

‘Don’t bother me, child, can’t you see I am tired,
we’ve sat here all day, not a soul has come by
to leave even a worn copper penny.
My fingers are sore, they can twiddle no more,
I fear we can’t eat tonight, Jenny.’

‘Mama, don’t cry, in the distance I spy
two rainbows, so two pots of gold,
You sit here, sweet mother, while I
run to the foot and scoop up the loot
while there are still clouds in the sky.’

‘Child, you’re so sweet, but the boots on your feet
have no soles, you will blister your toes!’
‘Mama, I don’t care, we need money, it’s there,
and it won’t stay all day, I suppose.’

‘Jenny, my dear, you’re a sweetie, that’s clear,
and on your way back, stop by the inn
for haddock and chips, for you ginger beer
and for me a great flagon of gin!’