• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 06

Flying with eyes wide open

I had a fever dream and when the fever went
the dream stayed and the dream became,
the dream, it rose, bloomed and I was sprouted
        a fairy
I flew.
       And I flew down stairs and I flew up towers and I circled
and with eyes closed up into the green
away from.
And I was surrounded by stars
and still I floated arms out wide
a space
away from.
And the dream was I, I was the dream
and it carried me
away from.

And I am holding it
the dream
its silken-soft hands
and it guides me, still holds me
I follow that green-dream-thread
away from.

And the dream it will still hold me,
envelop me
the dream I
I the dream-secret
and it will fold-blanket-carry me
further, the furthest,
away from.