• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 10

Floss as if your life depended on it

I need to floss my life, search into
the corners, all snarled up with detritus
and meaningless scraps of stale

grudges, lingering too long after
the original slights or hurt.
Aeons after the perpetrator

has fled the country and set
up home with their next victim.
Ready to strike and high five victory.

I need to floss all the spaces.
The in-between areas where my
brain has gone walk about.

Taken the slow and painful trip
to the outback where the fangs
of wild creatures have made breakfast

with my skin and superannuated bones.
My jaw painfully open in surprise
at their assault – so unexpected.

I need to floss and wind
the loose skeins of thread
and knit myself a guernsey.

Ready to protect me from
the harsh winds and hurling
tides of the north sea.


Floss as if your life depended on it

Scrub my skin, seal smooth
and breakwater fresh.
Then and only then look into the mirror

and smile engagingly – teeth and life on show.