• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 09
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Flax and gauze

Gaussian focus, bandage the performance of the breeze -
hold the burning salted skin.
Breathe into the muted tones,
Internal seascape making beauty,

Directionless use of inner astrology moves celestial charts into unknown depths.
Across the infinity of a curving line,
We cannot see. Our own word built horizon.

Flax and gauze.

Touch as breathing.
As internal sense heightens.
Sense the passing of the coastline clock as it calls rumbling water across the unseen pebbles.

Boundaries blind.
Hoisted experience of gradients of aquamarine and painterly hues.
Natural tones, spinning dizzy across the spreading of the earth.
Witnessing the shifting whispers felt in textures unknown.
From breath, to cloud, to rain and shaping our landscapes.
Terrains unknown - flying ships of clouds in stateless gaze.

We are all but bodies of water waiting for the setting of the sun.