• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 06


People use ta sit atop flagpoles
didja hear about that
granpa told me once
said he saw it back I dunno
years ago
the twenties or something
says he saw a guy just
shimmy to the top a one
and sit there for a week
perched there like a little danged bird
folks sending food and drink and such
up along a rope and
how did he bathroom but granpa didn't know
thought maybe he did it at night
when everyone was asleep
like little danged birds do
he said sometimes it was popular, yeah
popular enough that he had a dream once
where he got up to go to work
and every pole he passed
had a fella perched on top of it
waving down at him
and when he got to his job
his desk had been moved to the top of a pole
and he boss told him
ya know
what can you do
that's how it's done now
and you just can't fight it.