• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 07

fjord, un-strange this

the emulsification process, a scalping gesture,
quicker than skinning charred eggplants,
an erasure of self to become pair

adduct: parallel lines never meet
"how much of myself do i have

to lose to keep you found?"

it takes at least three years for an oyster
to harvest a pearl, arbitrary bits of sand
irritation or protection? the distance
between sailing ships and ones on shore,
the variance β€” only a slice of saffron

disarm this, a narrow inlet between two sea
cliffs, a single rapid gesture β€” ribbons around
bombs β€” lost cities breathe in living throats

abduct: perpendicular
lines only meet once
"what if where i am
is what i need?"

when sundials fail, rely
on pendulums for accuracy