• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 08

Fishbowl Freakshow

A school of fish travel quickly trying to find another suitable home
Their last reef had disappeared
Very suddenly danger reappears
Many sharks start to follow fast and ferociously
Suddenly, just when the jaws open, the mother is plucked out of the ocean by "humans"
What about the rest of the family?
So much is unknown
She is quickly plopped into a fishbowl
Alone and scared she starts to morph into something ugly and unbelievable
A spectacle for all to see
The "freakshow" has caught everyone's attention
After gasping at her appearance
Gossip runs rampant over espressos and lattes
More damage, more morphing
She can't breathe
Unable to come up for air
Paralysis has set in
There is a shimmer of light, a glimmer of hope
It shines above continually catching her eye
Mind and body have almost given out
Fight or flight
Hearts, minds, souls are at stake
Almost there
Almost there
That's their mantra


Fishbowl Freakshow

Finally, they surface, somewhat intact
They look around wondering their next move
How can they be reunited with their school?
Where did they go?
Did they survive the sharks?
Only time will tell
It will be a long wait...