• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 06
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First Impressions

Landed safely.

Initial data promising. Their mathematics remains a mystery: seem to count backward and forward at same time. Perhaps species have discovered the formula to time travel? If so, I suggest more agents are dispatched.

They multiply in circles, and shed their skin in two colours only — blue where the sun sets, red where it rises. Some younger species point at me with giant hands. Their creator speaks from the skies, yet is never seen. May be comprised of frequencies, not atomic matter. I surmise this because his voice is powered electronically unlike his subjects. Two giant antennae built either end of landing bay likely to be transmitters for his instructions.

Their chosen delegate came to greet me in costume. Only the male species are allowed to represent them. Note: their welcome ceremony differs to ours in following ways —

- Species exhibit anger and rage as customary greeting.
- A gift of a soil-coloured egg is offered upon arrival. Still waiting for it to hatch.
- Any prospective visitor will be carried by the two largest of delegate on their shoulders and hurled into crowd. Purpose of ritual not yet discovered.

Food samples yet to be tested as subjects not prepared to share. Liquids fizz in mouth and turn to gas in stomach. Some escaped back out, even when swallowed.

After I left the welcome bay, delegates performed what can only be described as an elaborate mating dance. This pleases their subjects greatly, who lift up small windows in their hands to salute them.

Conclusion: species requires more research.