• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 11

First blood

I am like the moon
so she said, her blind
eyes blazing, glazing the
silvered dunes even as droplets
dripped down her legs.

First blood, she tittered, first blood to Me!
We listened as if the sharks
of the sea would come forth,
gaping vampire teeth bared to eat
her shins, her thin little thighs.
But only sighs of waves touched our ears.

The blood and silver mixed
on the shifting duplicitous sand, twisting pink
Girls' pink, cooking, dishes in an iron sink.
I'm a woman, she laughed, I'm a-

But, oh, I would remain a child!
Because when they saw blood
they smiled, and clamped on a bra
and did things so vile
the moon could not bear
to be compared to that girl
who was, in truth, still a bloody broody child.