• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 03
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It shall never cease or die
Forever in me will remain the fire
This flame robbed me of a simple life
And my hidden dreams and desire

I shall never forgive them
They hurt my body and my soul
No matter how much I try
I shall remain incomplete, never whole

Passers by watched me yelp and scream
Dumb founded they stood like stones
No one moved an inch from their place
Turned a deaf ear to my poignant tones

The rogues got away that time
But I shall hunt them down and kill
When a woman makes up her mind
She shall do according to her will

There is a reason why I wield this gun
They bruised and killed my innocence
Until they are buried to the ground
My life shall not make any sense



Rape is worse than murder
The victims do not die nor live
The society shall tarnish them for life
In nothing can they hope or believe

I shall stand tall for all of them
Dropping the scoundrels one by one
The day the last one falls to the ground
I shall consider my work here done