• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 08

Fire of your Blood

Fire of your blood
I rise up around the moon
Add gold to your filigree eyes
Introduce a streak of blonde to your hair.

While the catbird
Teaches her young to fly
Grapes leaden on the vine
A copper tray turns fragile blue
Blonde turns to grey.

Fire of your blood
I nova around the sun
Braid buttercups for your ankles
Lavish your throne with belladonna silk.

While the grapes leaden on the vine
Olive oil woos the inside of
Its earthen vessel stored
In a cool cellar
Mellows bread with a paste of
Garlic, salt, and basil.

Fire of your blood
I thunder across the dusking sky
Give each star a wicked coating
Turn the zodiac to align above your head
A regal crown.

While the olive oil deepens
My patchouli and your jasmine do a little dance
Your skin provides their nuptial bed
Your breath a gentle quilt.