• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 03
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You can punch me down,
Drop me in the dust.
You can kick me to a curb,
And leave me there to rust.
You can shove me to the wall,
And knock me to the ground,
I’d be bruised and beaten,
But still, I’d be around.

You may call me a loser,
You may call me a fool.
You can make me the subject,
Of your ridicule.
You can make me feel worthless,
You can make me upset.
Though I’m weak and helpless
You can’t make me forget.

Why do you detest me?
Please don’t shut me out.
Still I’m yet to recover from
The shadows of doubt.
To this day I am uncertain
Who and when to trust.
Which person would receive me,
Or like you; leave me in the dust.



I was ignorant yet wholesome,
I was gullible but kind.
Dreams of fearless knights on steeds
Had clouded my youthful mind.
I believed I was a warrior,
I believed in doing right.
Then you stripped me of my armour,
So I have to join the fight.

I must demonstrate my value,
I must show that I am strong.
I believed I was a failure;
But I will prove myself wrong.
I must see myself as decent,
I must tell myself I’m fine.
I’m worth the same as all the rest
I have to draw the line.

I can’t let you be this person,
Because now you’ve gone too far.
No longer can I wait and wish
On rising shooting stars.
I believed you could constrain me,
You fancied me your steed.
But I shall slip out of my bridle,
I will see myself freed.