• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 08


You really do have your
Grandmothers eyes
and your Daddy’s ears.

He was such a proud puss.
Just look at the pinstripe,
that collar,
the way he wore his whiskers.
I’m not sure whether he used
Vibrissae products,
but the word down the alleyway
was that he did.
He certainly had his special comb.

Sometimes I sit
recalling his meow
and Granny’s purr
as she preened me before bed.
She had such
wonderful maternal instincts.
Still, there was that piercing stare,
cutting to the quick.
Even the most ferocious
Toms would cower.



Alas, they were taken from us
far too soon.
The road becoming
so busy of late.
Killed instantly they say.

We will remember them.