• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 11
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Faulty instincts

Beside me, an orange is decaying
entrenched teeth marks
as a gluttonous array, of tell-tale signs
no autopsy needed, for this atrocity

I had no appetite, initially
for a killing spree
till Spring’s iridescent beauty
entrapped me;

vibrant handheld Sun, glistening
crisp skin, smoothly mesmerising
perfectly ample curves, teasing
enthralled: from a single glimpse.

I stare, blankly
my lips still drip, its sweet essence
quenched taste buds, crooning
yet somewhere deep within

I mourn.
A vigil of gratitude
momentary, yet timeless
and entirely heartfelt: in the moment.


Faulty instincts

Beyond my quickly forgotten, vanquished
succulent Nature's green, glistens enticingly
a Pear-shaped outline sways, rhythmically
my eyes, refocus: hungrily.

Across fate’s ley lines
hunger fuelled darkness, takes-aim
stalking, jewel adorned fingers
envying, their fruit conquering: prowess…