• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 05
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Fate Decreed

Fate decreed that I would be silent
Mouth sealed against complaint
Refusing to breathe in your words
As bristled skin rasped flesh
Clenched fist poised in royal decree
Asserting authority
Enforcing servility
To outward appearances at least

Fate decreed that I would be blind
Eyes closed to the coating
Of mockery which you smeared
Over every purple-bruised day,
Blurring colour to grey
Until I became a mere smudge of annoyance
An irritation to be swatted away
The fly in the matrimonial ointment

Fate decreed the length of my sentence
And now my time has been served
I have opened mouth and eyes
Turned both to weapons
Though neither is as sharp as
Claws unsheathed
And today is the day
When the tables are turned