• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 11

Fashion Guru

Nobody ever comments on my footwear. I suppose it’s the vibrant red of the blanket that does it. The kind of blanket used by paramedics in a war zone. Then again, with the single black stripe, I’ve been told it could be prized as a minimalist throw.

Then there’s the hat. I could keep a herd of bees in this hat and no one would know but me. Except for the buzzing of course.

But, funny thing, no one remarks on my shoes. I can see them becoming all the rage – a simple leather thong pegged between my big and first toe.

If it rains – when it rains – I can just slop through the mud and they dry very quickly. I’ve never suffered from athlete's foot.

So…just sitting here. Tucked up under the prickly pear – which tones with my blanket perfectly by the way.

Maybe the stripe should have been green.