• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 08


Instead of fancier of only
birds and dogs
I see a man displaying cats, dogs
rabbits, more
in his sepia-toned general store.
He stares out at me
across the years
inviting me, quite solemnly,
to ”come in and find a pet.”
I demure.
I’m not quite ready yet.
My life is not aligned
with care for a pet—all that time.
So why does the flyer of this fancier
appeal? Is he calling me?
Does he want me to adapt,
so I can adopt a singing pet,
a barker, rabbit, or mewing cat?
Or is he saying
even if I do not adopt.
I too can be a fancier
appreciating each one for its
unique self and reach out my hand
to pet the pet.