• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 04
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Family ties

She hurries through the clouds, gaze downcast.
Her goal is wisdom:
A slippery beast, rarely glimpsed, never grasped.

She has prayed and fasted, studied ancient scriptures;
Sat cross-legged in meditation.
Her quest has not found tranquillity.

From what does she scurry,
this seeker of serenity?
Whispers from her former life
Echo through the emptiness.

Their voices darts of ice,
Up here in the peaks.
For she never felt kind,
'Helpful' was a hollow purpose.

Neither pretty nor clever:
With her sisters, her role was service.
She listened, nodded,
Murmured condolence or congratulation.

Until, one day, she left.
“Just upped and left.”
Arrangements in tatters,
the sisters tutted, and found babysitters.

She is still seeking.
If not wisdom,
Silence will suffice.