• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 08


So here we are, resigned to lurking in the shadows
or, at least, in the corner of the room where I will be
hardest to see
and they may mistake
my shadow for me.

My shadow self might get shooed away
or kicked away indignantly by a stubbed toe.
Little did they know
I peed on the portraits.
I’m a little so-and-so!

They didn’t wear those outfits and I didn’t either.
Okay, I wasn’t invited, but it’s all pure deceit,
a mere conceit.
I am unloved and unwanted;
they, the perfect companions that made their lives complete.

They never wanted children, they said, and so I wasn’t planned.
When they got over the shock, they got another cat
and that was that-
company for me-whilst telling me
that they loved me just as much!