• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 05
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Falling Back

Falling back.

On to. Each other.

They'll rest in one other's ribcages, interlock and become the fossil of some creature you never knew existed.

Eight wings of different sizes flapping in resistance to one another. Six talons for grabbing grubs, two that seem to hold the heads in place. The longest beak is ornamental, it would have been used for calling only; the other three are for eating.

How would this monster move? Four brains means four planes of thought. Four planes of thought means much too much over thinking.

What fossils will be left of us?

Here lay the remains of...

He who...

She who...

They were.

Returned to the worms they had eaten, who will, when their bodies have turned to mud, eat them. And then their babies will eat the worms, and the circle will be complete.

This opaque cannibalism will be beautiful. It is the truth, after all. It is continuity. The essence of Before is always in Next.

If you could pull the string out of your mouth, if you could wind it through all of your arteries without breaking it, you would find your mother attached to the other end.