• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 03
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Fake Plastic Highway

August '93,
Fake plastic highway,
Las Vegas desert sea.

Rolling down the sideline
playing with your American Express Card,
rolling dice on the road like jacks in the playground
spin the wheel around knock them down in a row,
white lens double vision straight up double rum tumblr
fashion icon seventeen Calvin Klein Queen,
pale skin pale lines, dark circles dark minds
minimalism is beauty
like a sea of the infinite failings of matrimony,
‘Happy Halloween’ two fingers of ghostly addiction
don’t even know the time of the year
like ‘Happy New Year’ have a shot of
Sambuca, Vogue Italia December ‘92
into ‘93, Dada you’re ninety,
Tzara cut the cards
deal me twenty-one,
Duchamp bathroom break
dual stream in and out
pairing the self with the mirror image superego,
porcelain cuts.


Fake Plastic Highway

December ‘93
leaving the duplicity of life on the road,
rest in peace Hepburn let’s have some breakfast sometime,
then I’ll go home get some sleep
underneath white duvet over white sheets
like white lines waiting for Christmas Eve
like you and me getting lost counting to three.