• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 06

Fairy Godmother Fact Check

Their smiles are fake.
They bleach their teeth.
The dentist told me.
And the optician says
it’s eye drops that make their eyes twinkle,
not kindness.
As for those fancy cloaks and dresses –
I’ve been told they are made from spun sugar
so they melt in the rain, and their wings
are attached by elastic
because if they can fly
it’s only farts that make them airborne.

They feed you a diet of fake news, false hope
about the future that gives you the excuse
you needed to dress up. You’re too easily fooled
into believing that you can find love
and transform your life by midnight.

They learn all they know from the internet
parrot it as truth, lie when they say
they couldn't care less where you came from
when they tell you it’s beauty
that leads to happy endings.

When they cracked their wand
out of the kitchen drawer, it was only because
you wanted something to believe in
when you’d stopped believing in yourself.