• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 04
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Fading Echoes

I love the fragrance of wild flowers
Honeysuckle, lavender, columbine
But with my filter of copper and wood
I endure but no scent can I discern

I love the sight across the valley
The gentle slope, the glimmering lake
But my left eye shot, right just going
I can rejoice in the view no more

I love the harmony and music of birds
The blackbird’s baritone, the sparrow’s cheep
But with each day that passes
Silence is my inexorable fate

I love the caress of cutting-edge clothes
Soft cashmere, cool cotton, shimmering silk
Now all I have is a faux leather great coat
It keeps me warm and is quite easy clean

I love the taste of so many things
A gourmet through and through
Now it’s all insipid, boring, bland
But it nourishes, keeping me alive

Every day is just like the other
I keep going, but why do I bother