• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 05
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Face Recognition

Baboon, lion, dog, bear
What is this
black and white
animal photograph
Is it even animal
I must confess
it seems to be a piece
of solar fuzz A sunspot
looming close-up
as the picture unfolds
itself rasters open
on my computer screen
It’s as if the seething
plasma spicules itself
on magnetic field lines
into the dark spot
pockmarking its skin
raising above
the plane of paper
I’ve seen the sun
with filaments and
hairs on it's bright face
before But it’s probably
not a sunspot
like I thought
Maybe it’s a fur ball
or on the planet Mars
A bear on the Moon


Face Recognition

or perhaps a baboon
in the Staten Island
Zoo Or even a star
wars critter I know
it’s my imagination
or a cognitive disorder
of face perception
called Prosopagnosia
or maybe this is collateral
disaster of thinking
about poetry.