• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 06
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Born out of love
A girl young
Vibrant, joyful, with the face
Of a doll
A shy doll, a well adorned doll
People looked on
With amazement
Well-masked jealousy

Older she got,
Deeper the scars
Of her childhood, of her teens
Hid it behind a façade
Of a smile
Of a hug, a friendly voice
Scars well-hidden underneath

Older still now,
Beauty faded, skin thinner.
Of her old age, of her fears
Hid it behind a façade
of the make-up,
Still had that smile, the hug, that voice,
All behind a façade, who was she really?



As old as oldest now,
Eye, skin, limbs have failed her
Still her will doesn't die
It is a façade
To a slowly fading life
Barely breathing,
Earlier times of her life were
Shredded picture layers
One façade stacked on another

Like her wrinkles
Battle-worn skin
Sunken eyes
Tired smile
More tired limbs
Hunched back
A last breath…